Mastering - The final step before releasing your music! We take your mixed stereo file, and add the finishing touches, before creating files ready for distribution. We can master for whichever format you are planning to release your music on - Streaming, CD or Vinyl.


We supply to you a mastered .wav file, at your preferred sample rate and bit depth.


What do we need from you?


Files - provide us with either .wav or .aiff files, at a minimum of 44.1kHz 16bit. We are unable to master mp3 files. Stereo interleaved files are preferred, but we can work with dual mono files.

Please make sure there is no clipping in the files you send us, and aim for a peak of around -3db.


Notes - Please let us know what format you are planning to release on i.e. CD, Vinyl, Youtube, Spotify etc. Also any information around tonal balance or and desired levels. You can supply us with reference tracks as well.


ISRC's and UPC's - We will embed UPC and ISRC codes into your files, as long as you provide them to us prior to mastering.


Online Mastering - Per Track


    Phone 0466 719 268 for bookings

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